Animatronic crocodile head for Annabel's, Mayfair, London

Very fast turnaround project for S2 Events, who make absolutely sublime sets for clubs and live events.

"We need a mechanical crocodile, and make it snappy!"

Initially the plan was that we each worked on a fibreglass crocodile skull in parallel - S2 would work on the croc modelmaking / sculpt, while Nervous Squirrel Ltd. sorted out the mechanism.

In the end the mechanism progressed so smoothly it was done in 6 days, and was supplied in time for S2 to work their magic without needing to swap the skulls.

Steel rig components

Bracket to fit rear of skull

Mechanism with adjustable counterbalance spring

Slotted disc with opto to find home position

Control box

PIR motion sensor


Ready to go


Amazing front facade of the club (uncredited random photo from instagram)

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