Sequencing light ring

This project had a phenomenally fast turnaround. After receiving an initial phonecall at 5:45pm on Thursday, the entire project was completed in time for a shoot early on Saturday morning. The aim was to create an interesting lighting effect by allowing a camera to film through the centre of a sequencing ring of bulbs, with the lights illuminating a subject's face from different angles.

As there was no time to order materials, everything had to be designed and built around what I happened to have in stock, and what could be bought from a lighting wholesalers in Bethnal Green.

The sensible approach to sequence the lights would be a nice digital controller with a dial to control the speed, but as time was of the essence the system used a hand cranked cam, 16 microswitches, and relays to turn on the mains supply to each bulb.

The shoot was for FKA Twigs, a new artist on Young Turks / XL Recordings, for the video of "Papi Pacify". The stills below are from about half way through the video, where you can see the effect of the light ring with added glitter.

A little while after the shoot Matt from XL returned the light ring so that I could make some improvements, including getting rid of the rather crude cable shown below. It now has a nice lead with plugs at both end, the casing has been improved, and some additional controls added.

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