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Three axis performance controller with three metre retractable string.

The joystick has CV outputs for up/down and left/right, and pulling the ring varies the third CV output.

This module works well as a pair - six axes of control for two hands!


There have been a couple of these in the Nervous Squirrel 5U modular for a number of years. Always popular at parties! Patch the CV outputs to something interesting, then hand the strings to friends to explore.

Different sounds are created depending on the position of the end of the string in 3D space.

After receiving a few requests for a eurorack version, this batch was put together.

Note that by necessity the module has a depth of 97mm - please measure your case before ordering.

Features and controls

X, Y & Z RANGE: Sets the output voltage range for each axis.

X, Y & Z OFFSET: Sets the starting point for the voltage range of each axis.

X, Y & Z CONTROL: Move the joystick and pull the string to change the output voltages.

X, Y & Z INVERT: Reverses the response of each axis (direction to increase voltage becomes direction to decrease).

OUTPUTS: 3 no. CV outputs

Technical details

Width: 14HP

Depth: 97mm behind 2mm thick panel. Please check your case depth before ordering.

Current @ +12V: 22mA

Current @ -12V: 20mA

Output level: -3.3V to +10.6V depending on range and offset settings.

String length: Approximately 3m

String pull force: Around 1N to start pulling the string, 2.5N near the end of the reel.

The string doesn't require a great deal of force to pull, but make sure your modular system is suitably anchored.


Cost of one module is GBP £290 plus a flat rate of £20 shipping worldwide. No extra shipping if you buy multiple modules in the same transaction. There is an option in the online store to buy two of these modules for £550 - they work well as a pair!

Shipping is fully tracked and will require a signature. Shipping will be to your registered PayPal address.

All packages are shipped with a total insurance value of £250 unless a higher value is specifically requested before placing the order.


The future

The Nervous Squirrel 5U modular started back in 2008, and contains some unique module designs that are currently being converted to Eurorack. It is hoped that 5U and Buchla 4U formats will also follow.

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