Building the Boags Meteorphonium

The video shows the first time the software was linked to all of the various mechanical elements, plus some fiddling about with one of the light sensitive synths and a desk lamp...

Polycarb prototype to check dimensions

Parts made from 4mm aluminium

Deburred components

Motors and driver boards

Assembled mechanism, with T-nuts that slot into the aluminium frame

Aluminium extrusion

Completed mechanisms

Nylon / leather mallets to replace the original wooden ones - no invasive species to be imported into Tasmania!

Nylon bowl holding collars

Bronze bowls drilled and mounted

Synth casings fabricated in quite an interesting way - folded tabs with M3 threaded inserts

I've made loads of these over the years. The PCBs are from Music From Outer Space

Synth stands

Tongue drum mechanisms


Central rings, 6mm aluminium

Assembled tongue drum ring


Ready for a long journey...

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