Cross Stitch Synth

Tapestry by Pete Fowler, electronics by Dave Cranmer

Earlier this year Pete got in touch to confess that he had become entirely taken over by strange and terrible forces. Yes, the tapestry demons had visited, and there was nothing to be done only attempt to appease them with circular stitchy offerings.

During a late night hoop-based session of creativity, Pete was thinking of the similarity of the work to old-fashioned fabric speaker covers. This naturally lead to this idea:

We discussed different ways of making the casings, before deciding on the most insanely ambitious method: machining them out of enormous solid lumps of aluminium. Only grinding them out of big diamonds would have been more insane. As the tapestries would be so time consuming to create, however, it would only be fitting to create some nice casings. I have documented the machining process on a separate page.

The synth element consists of three interactive oscillators, a simple filter, and an amplifier to power the two 10W speakers.

Just look at that build quality - recessed knob skirts!

Colour-phasing power LED!

Pete made 17 cross stitch pieces in total, which are currently on display at Beach London gallery until September 1st 2013. They are selling fast - make sure you get down there and buy one. Buy the synth one if you can, as there will never ever be another made, because it took 6 months to make.

The photo below shows the noise-making components. Get in touch if you would like a custom synthesiser...

Email: dave at [this website]

Click here for "making of" photos!

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