Making of Ralph

Aluminium, carried home on a bicycle

Notice the pieces on the right are curved to create the taper on the robot's body

After folding

Sections of bar to make Ralph's feet

An inefficient way of cutting lumps of aluminium (I didn't have a proper saw in 2009)

Drilling a foot on the lathe

Completed feet

The robot 'necks' are made of offcuts of Corian, a kind of plastic used for kitchen surfaces

Cutting the grooves for the two domes that make up Ralph's head

Completed necks

Other parts (each robot needs two hands, wrists, shoulders, and thighs)

Completed hands

Metalwork painted, just have to trim 66 potentiometers...

'Weird Sound Generator' PCB

Work in progress

I only really had to make one robot, and then it made the others all on its own...

Wiring made easy with photocopied diagrams and a highlighter to colour completed connections

Notice the useful sliding drawer compartment for the 9V battery

One robot was pink

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