Electronic Van Orlax

This splendid creature was originally created by Pete Fowler, who lent me the vinyl sculpture with a view to turning it into an unusual musical instrument.

Two musicfromouterspace.com "Weird Sound Generators" seemed an appropriate addition, allowing bleeps, filters and drones to be manipulated by a number of chest-mounted knobs and switches.

The original Van Orlax antlers were replaced with machined aluminium 'electrodes', inspired by the shape of high voltage ceramic insulators. The new horns are connected to one of the WSG oscillators, allowing you to control the pitch by touching them.

Single take knob twiddling:

Electrode improvisation:

Slightly reminiscent of bagpipes. Did you know that the German for bagpipes is 'dudelsack'? What a fantastic word!

Pete is one of the very best monster-designers of all time, and you should certainly check out his website if you haven't already.

What would you like to add knobs to? Email dave [at] this website if you have a project you'd like to make!