13th February 2017

Project Adrift is at the Science Museum London (near Tim Peake's capsule) this week. I'll be there all day on Tuesday - do come and say hello!

13th January 2017

Video of a radioactive random voltage generator on the synth page, and a new commission involving percussive mallets automated with solenoids here

5th December 2016

A synth module with 64 trigger outputs, controlled either by MIDI or John Conway's "Game of Life" cellular automaton rules. Short video on this page

19th November 2016

The machine built for Project Adrift is now complete, and had a fantastic launch at the Royal Astronomical Society yesterday. Details here

13th September 2016

Just back from Boston US, creating a dramatic show for Hewlett Packard involving ferrofluid controlled by live musicians. Photos and video here

31st August 2016

Puppet electronics for Plunge Productions, Brighton.

30th August 2016

We had a party at the weekend, loads of cool people came, and we made a wicker man...

7th July 2016

Special effects for Clean Bandit

30th June 2016

21 Thomas Henry X-4046 VCOs! They have a switch to change the range to LFO. The panel is anodised aluminium with text machined using a 0.4mm cutter. The remaining panels need to be made, plus a bit of wiring.

2nd June 2016

Two recent projects: interactive chicken / radio controlled parachutes

1st June 2016

Mechanical rig for the Chemical Brothers

25th May 2016

Mind controlled laser lumia projections for Mini

20th April 2016

Household objects turned into musical instruments for Desperados beer

18th April 2016

Rig to capture panoramic footage using three Sony A7 II cameras.

Get in touch if you need a custom camera rig - I usually have plenty of aluminium plate in stock.

31st March 2016

Just arrived back from 3 days in Manchester at the Future Everything festival, installing the Smoke Signals collaboration with Ed Carter and giving a talk about various projects. That's Anthony Burgess' piano in the photo below. Thanks to all the awesome people who I met, and to my good friend Dr. Ben Still for signing my copy of his book about quantum mechanics. We are going to do a sculptural / scientific collaboration after he's finished his second book and got married.

It is now my ambition to open a fast food outlet directly opposite the Anthony Burgess Foundation, called "Anthony's Burger Foundation".

27th March 2016

MIDI and audio controlled light sculpture for James LeBaigue.

The system we developed can easily be expanded - get in touch if you have a project that needs many hundreds of programmable LEDs!

Email: dave@ [this website]

30th January 2016

Prototype circuit boards machined with 1mm cutter...

22nd January 2016

A project from last year - musically timed dropping of stuff into water for Samsung

1st December 2015

Two TTSH Arp 2600 clones - let me know if you need a custom synth or theremin built.

29th November 2015

Refurbishment / redesign of robotic paintball gun turrets

23rd October 2015

The Octopus Machine

19th October 2015

The Boag's Meteorphonium - a weather controlled electro-mechanical sound installation, with music by composer Nick Ryan

19th October 2015

Marble lift for Isabel and Helen

25th September 2015

Hundreds and hundreds of toys controlled in time to music!

26th June 2015

Smoke Signals - a second collaboration with artist and composer Ed Carter

25th June 2015

Air cannons, gunge and explosions for Pizza Hut

28th April 2015

Electromagnetic resonator system for composer Johnny Random

27th April 2015

Electronic / pneumatic inflating head system for Is This Good?

21st April 2015

Exploding stuff in the garden:

2nd April 2015

Hundreds of balloons popped perfectly in time to music, using wonderfully dangerous stabbing mechanisms and a clever control system. Click here for photos and the finished Argos TV ad.

1st March 2015

Some magic boxes for an exciting new project...

21st February 2015

Commissioned by Toyota for Red Nose Day, various sensors, motors, speakers and water jets were used to create an interactive ticklish car!

More details here.

31st December 2014

A theremin commissioned for this year's Royal Institution Christmas Lectures.

What would your ideal theremin look like? Get in touch if you would like a custom one - email dave@ [this website]

18th November 2014

An amazing new musical instrument - the resonating bell plate system.

"A new work by Ed Carter combining sculpture, sound, light and live performance. Fl10s: False Lights Seaham is inspired by East Durham's maritime heritage, and responds specifically to the 1962 George Elmy lifeboat disaster. Fl10s comprises an installation, composition, and a site-specific live performance."

This project involved plenty of hard work by a lot of people. I made the electronic control system, electromagnet brackets, and motorised light rigs. Check it out here.

10th November 2014

Some recent small projects: motorised hats for an installation by Patrick Furness, LED globe for Machine Shop, technical consultation for an ad for Currys.

27th October 2014

Strange experiments in the orchard, involving motors, lights and MIDI...

17th September 2014

Thanks to everyone who came along on Thursday! Photos and video of the giant robotic crow here, 'making of' here.

The crow is for sale - get in touch if interested.

1st August 2014

Currently working on a large mechanical crow for an exhibition at The Book Club gallery / bar, Shoreditch. It will be there from September 11th to November 16th.

20th June 2014

Fresh batch of ring modulator effects boxes for sale - with fantastic new artwork by Pete Fowler!

Order one today - they are going fast.

10th July 2014

An interactive bus for Ted Baker, for their new store in Tokyo.

3rd June 2014

Mechanical butterflies for O2. Also on BBC news!

9th May 2014

The Badgermin appears in "Chat" magazine...

20th April 2014

Finally, after all this time, a video of the musical stepladders...

10th March 2014

Just received some PCBs in the post, designed using the free Fritzing software - highly recommended! The photo shows a custom Arduino Mega shield with 14 MOSFETs, which will allow a load of LED strips to be faded using PWM. The delivery even came with stickers!

19th January 2014

Two hundred copper coils to teach children about electromagnetism.

16th January 2014

Mechanism to retain sword within stone, made for Machine Shop Special Effects. The mechanism was eventually mounted inside a fibreglass boulder, with a proper sword made by a swordsmith. The blade was gripped by two semicircular cams, until released by two solenoids on a timer.

9th January 2014

Pigeon message containers.

12th December 2013

Four octaves of chromatically tuned hooting - the Owl Organ in Berlin. Plus a splendid video of owly Christmas songs!

8th December 2013

A look around Oskar Sala's Mixtur-Trautonium...

20th November 2013

Just received an Adafruit "Trinket" in the post. It's a microcontroller that's absolutely tiny, but that still does a lot of cool stuff. Here it is running the space invader example code on an 8X8 LED matrix... it can apparently store around 320 animation frames.

30th October 2013

A talk and demonstration of the Rave Kestrel at the RCA this week. Let me know if you would like to organise something similar.

21st October 2013

Just spent a week at the Frieze London art fair, looking after the technical side of Ken Okiishi's motorised paintball installation. This man, an unknown visitor, had golden shoes!

9th October 2013

An interesting duck related commission.

12th September 2013

Sequencing light project for Twigs...

13th September 2013

Rapid Electronics have just uploaded a "customer profile" for me, which you can read here. Rapid really are great for electronic components - I'm not just trying to get them to send me a free T-shirt.

12th September 2013

Fans of wireless transmission systems and Spike Milligan might appreciate this photo sent by my brother earlier this evening:

2nd August 2013

Fantastic wall mounted cross stitch synth collaboration with Pete Fowler!

19th June 2013

Owl Theremin - more details here.

18th May 2013

An LED suit for Leo Messi, used in a visually stunning new advert for Adidas. I wired up two suits at the workshop of Machine Shop Special Effects Ltd, and looked after them on the fairly high pressure shoot in Barcelona. ML Studios created the spectacular post production trailing light effects.

13th May 2013

Pyramid shaped synthesisers are certainly in this season! Just finished a new project for Jay Gambit, with glowing hexagons, constructed in between repeated work visits to Spain.

Click here for photos and video...

12th May 2013

I have three PAiA Theremax kits currently being assembled. Let me know if you want a custom theremin.

19th January 2013

At last, it's the Rave Kestrel!